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What is Software? Why we need Software?

What is software?

Software is a set of programs that are coded in a programming language. Any task to be processed in our computer system is just because of software. It executes the user’s commands and performs the particular task which is given by the user.

Why do we need Software?

Without software computer system is just like a box. Every task needs software. Our operating system is the best example of software, it’s system software which allows performing several tasks on the computer.

Every computer system has two parts Hardware and Software.

Hardware is the physical component that can be touched or seen by our eyes, but the software is invisible they are the set of instructions and programs.

All the hardware components in the computer (like I/O devices, monitor, motherboard, ram, etc.) need software to perform their task. These hardware devices will only work if there is a particular software installed on them.

Let me explain with a live example by Human Body – Our ears, eyes, mouth, legs, etc are the hardware parts of our body because they can be seen or touched by our hands, and our feeling, thinking, the memory of our mind, etc are the software parts because they cannot be seen or touched.

Hope you understand by this live example.

Types of Software

System Softwares

The system software is the software that operates our full computer system, all the hardware components perform their tasks just because of system software.

They are the interface between hardware and users.

Operating System

An Operating System is the system software, which provides an interface between Hardware and User. It makes the Computer run easily and work easily, It makes a friendly environment for users to interact with the system.

Operating System operates the whole system. It manages the hardware devices to run properly like CPU, RAM, I/O devices, and many other hardware components in a computer.

It controls all the hardware devices and components to make it easy for the user to interact with the computer.

The above diagram shows how hardware devices like(CPU, RAM, MOTHERBOARD, etc) are connected to each other at the same place and are used by different users through applications. As Hardware is not directly connected to the user, shown in the figure that there is a System Software Operating System connected to it, and with the help of the Operating System user is able to use various hardware devices like Input/output and many others.

So, Operating System acts as an interface between Hardware devices and Users.

Operating System not only provides an interface between hardware and users, but it also manages all the files, memory, and processes.

Operating System Manages Hardware devices like.
  • Input-Output devices: Mouse, Keyboard, Microphone.
  • Output devices: Monitor, Printer, Scanner.
  • Network devices: Modem, Router, Switches, Bridges.
  • Storage devices: Pendrive, Harddisk, CD/DVD.
  • RAM
  • CPU
  • Motherboard
Basic Functions Of Operating System
  • Device Management
  • File Management
  • Security
  • Memory Management
  • Process Management
  • Error Detection
  • Secure From Deadlock Conditions
  • Coordination between Hardware and users
Application Softwares

Application software is the software that is used by users to perform their specific tasks. This software is installed by users according to their requirements what they want from a computer like if they want to print the page they need software of printer if they want to see videos they need software of video player.

Here are the examples of Application software

  • Video Players: VLC Media player, Windows media player, Real media player, etc.
  • Audio Player: Winamp, Vlc, window media player.
  • Games: PUBG, GTA, IGI, etc.
  • Photo editors: Coreldraw, Photoshop, Illustrator, etc.
  • Web browser: Chrome, Mozilla, Opera, Uc browser, etc.
  • Word Processing: Microsoft Excel, Powerpoint, Stylesheet, etc.

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