What is Software Engineering? Why we need Software Engineering

What is Software Engineering? Why we need Software Engineering

In this tutorial, we will discuss what is software engineering? why we need software engineering? also, read software crisis.

What is Software Engineering?

Software engineering is the art of making software in a perfect manner. In which we develop software through the process of software engineering.

For this, you should know what is software?

Software is the collection of programs that are written on some programming languages like C, C++, Python, Java, and many more languages.

You can read from here: what is software? and why we need software?

Software Engineering is the process where all the resources and needs for software are decided and this process is gone through many stages.

The aim of software engineering is to make software accurate, as per the client requirement or the industry requirement for whichever is to be developed.

Why we need Software Engineering?

Software Engineering is the term used in every industry and this process is so important that without software engineering you cannot make accurate software.

Knowing the programming language is not enough for software development you have to make requirement analysis, the blueprint of software, and many other requirements are needed, so in that case, software engineering is done.

In software engineering, all the requirements, analysis, and all blueprint, testing, and other processes are done.

If you are running the company or you have to develop the software for clients then what should you do, only knowing the programming knowledge is not enough.

You have to first make requirements of what the client is wanting from software, the design of software, and the testing process also, then only the correct software is developed. And for all these a separate team is there for developing a single software.

Software Crisis

Software Crisis is the term used as software failure. When the software developing team or company faces many difficulties to develop the software and fails to process further than this condition is known as a software crisis.

This was a big problem during the late 1960s when most of the company was unable to develop the software. Some of the difficulties were as follows.

  • Over Budget of project.
  • More than the required time of the Project.
  • Poor quality of Software.
  • Project different from client requirements.
  • Software and hardware are not compatible with each other.
  • Miscommunication between software and user.
  • Less knowledge of Software Engineering. and many more…..

Solution For Software Crisis

The only solution for software crises is to use software engineering in software development. Because the actual knowledge of software engineering removes as big as a problem in software.

So, before developing software you should follow the software engineering steps to develop accurate software.

Only programming knowledge doesn’t make software you have to follow the various step, because if the requirement analysis is not good then how will software develop.

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