What is Noun? Types of Noun

In this article, we will discuss What is Noun? and How many types of nouns are there: The Countable noun, The Uncountable noun, The Abstract noun, The Proper noun, The Common noun, The Compound noun, The Concrete nouns.

What is NOUN?

Noun specifies the name of any living or non-living things like Place, Thing, Animals, Human beings, etc.

  • Human: Rahul, Akhilesh, Modi, Baydan, Obama, Amit, Yogi, etc.
  • Place: India, America, USA, ASIA, Delhi, Newzealand, etc.
  • Thing: Truck, Bus, Pencil, Books, etc.
  • Animals: Cow, Lion, Dog, Fish, Panther, etc.

The noun is the name of the person or anything that, What do you mean by name?

Anything in this world which is living or non-living has a Name, which specifies that form which class he belongs to for example: either he belongs to the place, name of a person, or something else which has a name through which he is identified.

Types of Noun

  • Collective Noun
  • Countable Noun
  • Proper Noun
  • Uncountable Noun
  • Abstract Noun
  • Common Noun
  • Compound Noun
  • Concrete Noun


What is Noun? Types of Noun

Proper Noun

A proper noun defines the noun from which the person or any place or thing is identified properly.


Name of person’s like- Rocky, John, Rita, etc.
Things names like- Sprite, Butter, Chicken, Rubber, etc.
Names of Places- UK, India, Brazil, South Africa, etc.

  • My name is Rock.
  • I live in the USA.
  • Delhi is the capital of India.
  • I bought new Rubber.

Concrete Noun

As this noun specifies by its name Concrete- the physical existence. Hence, the noun which shows their physical existence is known as a concrete noun

Another way we define this is anything that can be seen and touched by our hands have their physical existence.

For example-

Car, Hands, Chair, Pen, Clothes, etc.

  • Do you have a car?
  • These are my clothes.
  • Please give me my pen.

Abstract Noun

This also specifies by name Abstract(which is hidden).

In this world, there are two types of things which can be seen our feel and others are which cannot be seen but only feels.

They are in this world but cannot see only feels for example- feelings, Ideas, Smell, Taste, Truth, Lie, Motivation, Honesty, Fear, Love, etc.

  • Time is a precious thing.
  • I can hear you.
  • Your socks are smelling.

Common Noun

Common nouns are the nouns that are the class of proper nouns like- person, vehicles, girl, state, etc.

For example, a boy is a common noun because we don’t know his name only know that he is a boy. But in proper nouns, if we know the name then it is a proper noun.

Ex 1- Woman: Nidhi, Priya, Aliya, etc.

In this Woman is a common noun because all the names in it are the class of woman.

Ex 2- Vehicles: Car, Bus, Scooter, Cycle, etc.

In this Vehicles is a common noun, as all these vehicles in this is a class of Vehicles.


Countable Noun

Countable noun as you can understand by its name, countable which can be counted in numbers, or which can be analyzed by what quantity is it.

For example Numbers, counting, fingers, eyes, legs, pen, pencil, rubber, books, clothes, etc.

  • I have Nine thousand nine hundred ninety-nine rupees.
  • How many pens do you have?
  • I have two motorcycles.


Uncountable Noun

Uncountable Noun is just opposite to countable noun. The uncountable noun is the nouns that cannot be counted in numbers.

For example Love, Hate, Liquid(Milk, water, drinks), Money, etc.

Money- You were thinking that Money, Money is a countable noun we can count it, but now we cannot count money, because have you ever hear that I have one money, four money. We say that I have one rupee, two rupees.

We don’t know how much rupee comes in money say money can’t be counted.


Collective Noun

Collective nouns are nouns that are used or pronounced with a group. They may be a place, animals, or anything which is used with a group of similar things.

  • Class: a group of students.
  • Army: a group of soldiers.
  • Team: a group of players.
  • Crowd: a group of people.
  • Dozens: a group of 12 things.

For example:

  • In which class is your son.
  • My father is in the army.
  • I bought 1 dozen eggs.
  • Why there is a crowd.


Compound Noun

A compound noun is a noun that is made up of two or more two words. For example: It may be [noun + noun],  [noun + adjective],  [verb + preposition], [verb(-ing) + noun], [noun + preposition], etc.

compound nouns can be of the following three forms.

  • with space between – space between words (football shoe)
  • the hyphen between – hyphen between words (eight-packs)
  • without space – no space or hyphen between words (classroom)


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