What is File System?

File System:

A File System is a type of system where data is organized in files on your storage devices like drives.

The computer uses its operating system(Window 7, 8, 10, XP, Linux, etc.) to operate the system, and with the same Data, a File System is used to organize to store data.

File System: NTFS

What is File System?

Computer Stores Data through many methods like (Hard drives, Pen drives, CD, Floppy disk, etc.) and each and every device using a different method of storing the data into. For Example, Hard drives stored data electromagnetically while CD/DVD stores data optically through a laser beam and many other devices use different methods to store the data.

If I copy data like images, audio, video, pdf files, etc from my computer to a pen drive and want to copy it to another computer so how will another computer understand and read this data. Then it uses the File System.

The file system gives us a structure, how the data will be shown and will store.

Open your computer and see that there is a hierarchy of data stored in a drive. Folders contain folders and many subfolders or files like word excel, pdf, image, video, audio, etc. (Like C:/Folder1/Folder2/File.txt). This is possible because of the File System.

In the file system, each data is given a separate name so, it is easy to identify the data.

A file system is a Process where data uses the method and data structure used by the operating system to organize and keep track of files in your system.

What is an Operating System?

Windows File System:

In the computer system, every operating system like Windows, Linux, etc has different methods of the file system. Windows OS is the most used file system in today’s date:

  • NTFS
  • exFAT
  • FAT- FAT12, FAT16, FAT32


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