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What Is Data?

Data is a word related to information, information of any kind like your Name, Address, School, College, Office, Family. Data is the collection of this similar information or whatever is to be used in the future is known as DATA.

Why we need Data?

We need Data for our future use or present use which is been collected from our past. In simple words, Data is the need for the Future which is collected from our Past.

Let me explain it to you…   If there is a Cricket Match is being to be played in your city and you have the responsibility of the commentary section then what will you do you cannot just speak that He is playing well, He is batting well, What a great Six.

Hah hah It’s a stupid thing

You Need Names, the country he belongs to, the team he plays from, the average of his performance, and many more things about him and his team, That’s the Data and That’s why we NEED DATA.

Data doesn’t mean that it will only be in text form, it can be Image, Audio, Video, etc.

So, to store such kind of Data, a Database helps to store it. The collection of similar Data.

  • The collection of similar Data like “College Database” which includes the data of students studying in the college and this is similar data that’s why it is called DATABASE.

What is Database?

A database is a location where we store similar data. For example, if we are running a college then we need the data related to students (“their names, address, 10th – 12th %, age, and many more”), data related to teacher’s (“their names, address, qualification, teaching experience, and many more”) data related to employees like Clerk, Peon, Bus Driver, and Servant’s (“their names, address, qualification, and many more”).

And For all these similar Data we a Database to managed it. To Store it in a Systematically Order.

Data can be managed both Electronically, and Manually. But these days Electronically is preferred because this is the Era of Computer and there is the security of data in it.

Electronically we can manage it in computers, digital diaries, and there are lots of Apps on mobile phones to store data.

Manually we can manage it on Diaries, Papers, etc.

In terms of a Computer’s Database is a Space where we store our data in a logical manner.

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Basic Definition of Database:-

A Database is the information or collection of similar data that is stored in a systematic manner for future use.

The database is generally a piece of information that is stored for further use and which can be updated, deleted in the future.

The database can be managed manually and electronically both for eg. papers, diaries, registers, computer’s hard drive, cd, Pendrive, mobile phone, apps, etc.

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