What is Computer Network? Why we Need Computer Network?

What is Computer Network? Why we Need Computer Network?

In this tutorial, we will discuss what is a computer network? and why do we need it? what are the goals of a computer network?

What is a Computer Network?

Computer Network is a system where two or more computers are connected through wired and wireless for communication purposes.

Computer Network is a group of Interconnected computers for the purpose of communication. The term Interconnected means that computers are not connected directly to each other they are connected with each other by various connected devices ( like Routers, Modems, etc.) and some software protocols which help the computer to connect with each other.

In this process, we have sender and receiver. the sender sends the message and the receiver receives the message from the sender.

How Network creates?

For setting up a Network connection we need wired or wireless devices for receiving and sending the messages or data.

Why we need a Network?

We need a Network for sharing and accessing our personnel and public data and files, let’s take a simple example you are reading this article with the help of a Network – as you are connected through the Internet and the Internet is connected to my server and I have shared this article on the Internet that’s why you are able to read this.

In simple terms, a Network is used for sharing information from one computer system to another.

The network can be of with internet or without internet as we connect two computers with each other that is also a network, but it is a small network whereas the Internet is worlds largest network.

Goals Of Network

The goals of the network explain to us what is the benefit of using a network.

What is Computer Network? Why we Need Computer Network?

Hardware Sharing:

Hardware Sharing on the network means sharing of devices on network like Printers, Scanners, CD-ROM, Hard drives, Pen drives.etc.,

You have seen in Colleges, Schools, and Offices there are printers connected and with one printer many computers are connected, this is a network. As you can share or give commands to the printer from any of the computers connected.

Another example is hosting companies, Hosting companies provide space for websites to store the data over their server. This is the second-largest network after the internet.


Sharing of files to our friends like audio, video, pdf, image, etc on the network. With help of a Network, we will be able to connect our computer to the internet or other devices so that we can share our data.

We can share videos on youtube, Facebook, and purchase books and products on amazon with the help of the network.

Application Sharing:

Sharing of Applications means we will share any type of application with the help of the network.
We can directly share with our phones and any other devices like hard drives, pen drives and etc.

Even we can share an application or software which is even not running on our computers.

Data & Information Sharing:

With the help of a network one computer is able to connect to other computers and can share or retrieve data and information through it.

For example in a company data is stored in hard drives and another authorized user’s computer can access the data with the help of a modem can access the data of that computer.

User Communications:

Using a network we can make communication easy, we can communicate to another person or computer using the network by calling him on a voice call, videos. we can send him a text. Video conferencing is the biggest example of networking.

There are several services like Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, and many more through which we can communicate with another network.

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