What is an Adjective?

In this tutorial we will discuss Adjectives and how can we identify them. We will also know the Degree of Adjective.

The adjective is the word that describes the quality of NOUN and PRONOUN or any other features and information about noun/pronoun.

Example 1:

Arjun is Brave.

Arjun is an Intelligent boy

Here “Brave” and “Intelligent” both are Adjective because they are showing the quality of the noun Arjun.

Example 2:

He is Intelligent.

She is Clever.

In the above example, Both “Intelligent and Clever” are adjectives because they are showing the qualities of Pronoun He and She.

Example 3:

I have many books.

I have few notebooks

Here “many and few” are adjectives in which they are giving additional information.

Example 3:

John is my brother who is walking with you.

Here the whole world “who is walking with you” is an adjective, because it is giving additional information about John.

From the above conclusion, we can say that an Adjective can be a word or can be a sentence that shows the qualities of noun/pronoun or gives additional information.

The adjective may be described as:

  • Feelings: Love, hate, etc.
  • Color: Yellow, Green, Red, etc.
  • Time: Quick, fast, slow, etc.
  • Size: Medium, big, small, etc.
  • Shapes: Circle, square, rectangle, etc.
  • Sound: Loud, Noisy, Pleasant, etc.
  • Amount: One, Two, Three, etc.

and many more……..

The Degree of Adjectives:

There are three degrees of adjectives: Positive, comparative, superlative.


Positive degree: She is a Good Girl. (defines the simple quality)

Comparative degree: She is better than any other girl. (compared with other things)

Superlative: She is the best girl. (shows the extra quality of subject)


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