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In this article, we will teach you what is Surya namaskar and why Surya namaskar is a remedy for all things.

Surya Namaskar

Surya Namaskar means to “Greet Sun” because Sun gives everything to us(sunlight, energy, light, vitamin D, and kills dangerous bacteria and viruses present in the environment) and never expects anything from us. That’s why Surya Namaskar is helpful.

While doing Surya Namaskar you follow all the yoga steps and by this, your body stretches and your mind gets sharp.

Surya Namaskar Positions                   

Starting Position            

Surya Namaskar    

Stand straight while joining both palms together in a namaste position. The position is known as “Dakshasana


Second Position

Surya Namaskar


In the Second Position Stretch both arms backward, and take a breath up while stretching your arms. Position Known as “Parvatasana

Third Position

Surya Namaskar


In the third position Bend your upper half body while breathing up and touch your ankles while touching your head to knees, legs should be in a straight position, and breathe out while coming in a straight position slowly. The position is known as “Hastpadasana“.

Fourth Position

Surya Namaskar


In the Fourth Position Place your both hands on the ground and move your right knee backward and bend your left knee between both hands and make an arc of the upper body and breathe in while in these positions. Do the same as with your left and right legs. The position is known as “Ashwasanchalana

Fifth Position

Surya Namaskar


While getting both the legs at the backward position and both hands towards the forward position making an arc downwards. The position is known as “Ardhaparvatasana

Sixth Position

Surya Namaskar

Asthang Pramipatasana

In this Position lying on the ground towards the stomach and put both palms near your chest area on the ground. The position is known as “Asthang Pramipatasana“.

Seventh Position

Surya Namaskar


Lift the upper part of the body while lying on the ground with both the legs at backward positions and put a hand near the waist and breathing in. The position is known as “Bhujangasana“.

Eighth Position

Surya Namaskar

Standing Position

Now again stand in standing position and namaskar Surya. You can do the whole process two times.


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