SSB Golden Tips | Last Moment Tips

SSB Golden Tips | Last Moment Tips

In this article, we will teach you some basic and most important golden SSB interview tips, which are the key to success in SSB interviews.

What SSB Want’s From You

The interviewing officer is a senior army officer who takes your interview and asks general questions regarding your normal life. He tests you whether you have qualities of interviewing officer or not he just checks your mind and heart by questioning you.

Remember he is fairly senior and experienced in the armed forces and while interacting with you, he can visualize your truth and lie. So, be careful about what you are saying and what you are hiding nothing can foolish them because they are taking interviews for many years and gains a lot of experience.

The questing will normally about your hobbies, sports, activities you do while you are free, relation with your teachers, friends, society, parents and ask some general knowledge questions by checking your mental and logical thinking.

So, here are some suggestions and some shortcomings or mistakes which you commit during the SSB interview.


  • We prepare and turned ON your mind for an interview
  • Stay happy and enthusiastic, with a smart look.
  • Happiness on your face and respond politely with interviewing officer’s welcome remark.
  • Your voice is not too loud, only be audible to officers and respond to every question he asked.
  • Sit straight without moving your hands and legs shaking.
  • Give Answer the question by gently nodding your head and make eye contact with each officer.
  • If there is confusion in question, politely ask for the repetition.
  • Must have full knowledge about marks you obtained, your bio-data, school name, college, teachers, friends, and all the ranking in competitive exams, this is must be asked by the interviewer.
  • Question asked about yourself must be in a sequence like your name, qualification, percentage, hobbies, your family, etc.
  • You must be aware of current affairs most of the questions are asked from current events.
  • Must have knowledge of hobbies you mention, having full knowledge of the sport you play.
  • Don’t waste your time while in the waiting room for an interview, read the newspaper, magazines whatever is there on the table.
  • Remain relaxed, don’t panic, it will hesitate you.
  • Listen carefully to whatever questions they ask you.
  • Make sure that question your answers are honest and true, don’t hide anything from them, and not be too frank with them.

Mistakes of SSB Interview

  • Having a shabbily dressed.
  • Panic and stress during the interview.
  • Discussing questions with your friends asked by interviewing officer.
  • Telling lies and hiding the truth.
  • Replying to them, yes you know, about what they ask, and in reality, you don’t know about it. If they will ask about it, you may in trouble.
  • Do not reply as same as the previous candidate give the answer. They may ask different perspective questions.
  • Avoid guessing, better for you is, be polite and say “I don’t know, sir, I shall find out”.
  • Don’t argue with them answer only what did they ask, don’t be overconfident that you know more from them.
  • Don’t take mobile in your pockets during the interview.


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