OLQ-Social Adaptability | Army Officer Qualities

OLQ-Social Adaptability | Army Officer Qualities

In this article, we will make you learn how to adopt social adaptability one of the OLQ qualities with the help of Mahabharata.

Social Adaptability – OLQ

It was during the time of Mahabharata, you all have heard about it when Pandavas was given a 12-year vanvas and 1 year of Agyatvas and during this agyatvas of one year they have to hide from kaurava and if they are discovered during agyatvas they will have another 12-year vanvas and 1-year agyatvas.

For the fear of again 12-year vanvas from Duryodhan, Pandavas make a plan to hide their identity.

Pandava hide their identity and transform themselves socially adopted that no one could find them

This shows one of the 15 OLQ qualities of an officer

They hide in Matsya kingdom

  • Where Yudhishthira presents himself as Kanka, the advisor of the king.
  • Bhim presents himself as Vallaba, the cook and wrestler.
  • Arjun presents himself as Brihannala, the transgender or neuter who wears a saree and was a dance teacher.
  • Nakula presents himself as Granthika, a horse keeper.
  • Sahadeva presents himself as Tantipala, who takes care of cows.
  • and Draupadi presents herself as sairandhri, the assistance of the queen.

This shows that how they adapt themselves socially, and this is one of the most important qualities of an officer.


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