India-USA Relations | SSB Lecturette Hot Topics

India-USA Relations | SSB Lecturette Hot Topics

In this article, we will discuss the relations between India-USA, which is an important topic regarding all interviews and is mostly asked.

India – USA

India-Us relations are long relations and are also known as Indian-American relations which shows the international relations between the Republic of India and the United States.

During Indian Independence in 1947, the relationship was not too good, because the USA, was in favor or inclination towards Pakistan for the Kashmir issue. And during the Indo-china war in 1962, the USA provide military support, for India but this also not makes good relations between India and the USA.

During Cold War, India signed a treaty Indo-Soviet Treaty of Peace, Friendship, and Cooperation in 1971, from which the USA was not happy with India because there was a cold war between the USA and the Soviet Union.

Cold War is a kind of war that doesn’t include any kind of armor weapons or military war. The cold war is just a war in which two nations don’t make any treaty, there is no economic treaty, and no business, or import-export. But India was not in favor of the Soviet Union and not in favor of the USA, India just was neutral for both, India wants only good relations with both of them and this neutral stand the USA didn’t like.

And after Cold War, the US suggests Pakistan has good relation with India because of the Money the US gives to Pakistan to grow their economy and also, give back some advantages to the US.

During 1991, India was growing its economy and there was an open foreign investment for countries, and this for this USA was thinking that India is growing its economy and there is good opportunity to have good relation with India and to have good economic Engagement for the USA

Military, Economical and Cultural Relations between India And the USA

India and the USA have common strategic priorities and want to grow over China. The USA and India both want to have more economic power than China. China is the most powerful economy in Asia and the USA wants India to become more powerful and boost its economy in Asia.

This is a good opportunity for India. And for this India and the USA are having joint Patrolling like joint training and exercise like- Yudh Abhyas, Tiger Triumph and Vajra Prahar, and many more.

The US is also supporting India for this and there will be a great help when any country in the world want’s to war with both of them because they have a great army.

Us is investing in partnership with India. Us is India’s second-largest trading partner, which includes all import-export both, and for the US India is the 9th largest economic partner.

Don’t confuse between Investment and Trading partner, Investment means- The money country invest for new business in other countries is called investment and trading means- whatever we are purchasing from another country as same we sell our products to that country then the trade is profitable for both the countries.

The United States, direct invests $10 billion dollars in India. USA is granting Strategic Trade Authorities-1 (STA-1) to India and this will export high-technology products for civil space and for defense.

Civil space is an area where satellites are organized in space because it is assumed that the next war will SpaceWar because all the countries are very powerful in their satellite facilities and for this USA is helping India.

India is also helpful for the USA as there are a lot of Indian origin peoples living in the USA and working there as a Doctor, Scientist, Engineers, Economists, etc. represent India. And the preference rate of Indian people in the USA is much higher than in other countries.

Economists like Raghuram Rajan, Politicians like Kamala Harris, sunder Pichai all are hardworking and of Indian origin, this also makes a good reputation of India over the USA. Not only these people but also the students of India are studying in USA universities and also have jobs in their management or engineering departments.

The help of Hydroxychloroquine HELP!

Hydroxychloroquine’s a tablet that is used as a medicine for COVID-19 and India’s Directorate General of Foreign Trade banned this tablet because they knew that this tablet is helpful in COVID-19 which will help their countries, people, to fight against corona, and he banned this to export to other countries because this is for Indian users only.

As the USA also knows about this tablet and they want to cure their people also and request India for this tablet, even more than 50 countries were also trying to help them.

India has enough stock of it and supplied some of its stock to the USA and to other countries also. After this help USA President(previous president) TRUMP tweets that this help “WILL NOT BE FORGOTTEN

Now India is trying more economic partnerships with the USA. And Trump And Modi share their relation at the individual level.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1- What is Hydroxycholoroquine?
Ans1- Hydroxychloroquine tablet is used to prevent the most dangerous fever Malaria which is caused by mosquito bites, and also in the treatment of Coronavirus, and many other dangerous diseases.

Q2- Military Exercise between India and USA
Ans2- Yudh Abyss, Shatrujeet, Himalayan Warrior, Ajeya Warrior, Vajra Prahar, Tiger Triumph

Q3- Indians Who proud of their Country in the USA
Ans3- Satya Nadella – CEO Microsoft, Sabeer Bhatia – Co-founder Hotmail, Sundar Pichai, Vinod Khosla, Ajay Bhatt, Padmasree Warrior.

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