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General Science Question

The computer part calculates Arithmetic and logical problems- The microprocessor

Twitter is not a shopping website

C Rajagopalachari formed- Swatantra Party in 1957

The article mentioned with Centre and State Relations- Article 263

The principle on which Oil Lamp works- Capillarity

Lucknow Pact was signed in 1916 signed between Muslims and Indian National Congress

Eye Adjustment Control Known as-

Modern Generator is based on- Electronic Magnetic Induction.

NEFT refers to National Electronic Fund Transfer.

International Atomic Energy Agency- Formed in 1957

Port used to connect two digital devices- USB Port

Kamakhya Temple is located in Assam

Earth Summit held in Rio de Janeiro

First Chairperson of Niti Ayog– Narendra Modi

Music Genres of Tansen– Hindustani Classical Music.

Crop increases the capacity of nitrogen– Pulses.

Committee formed in 1948 after a disagreement between Gandhi and Jinnah- C. Rajagopalchari

The first title in Wrestling in New York was won by Bajrang Punia

Croatia’s Highest Civilian Award to Ram Nath Kovind.

Shimla Agreement 1972 between- Indira Gandhi and Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto

Yellow Revolution- Mustard.

Group of the Same type of data in computer- Array

Pune pact- Between Gandhi and Bhimroa Ambedkar in – 1932 for reservation of depressed class in political representation.

Heart-related to- Cardiology

Kidney related to Nephrology.

Tin and Lead together form- Solder

Writer of Chandrakanta– Devkinandan Khatri

Power Plant in Kalpakkam– Madras Atomic power Station.

Due to lack of Oxygen muscles reduces- Lactic Acid.

Copper and Zinc together form- Bronze.

Revenue Deficit equals to- Revenue except for borrowings.

The receptor of the tongue- Gustatory.

State uses less water in their fields- Andaman and Nicobar 0% water required.

East India Company was established- in 1600

Warli Painting is related to- Maharashtra.

Satish Dhawan Space Center is in Sriharikota Andhra Pradesh.

Body Controls Investment and Security Exchange in India- SEBI

Father of Atomic Energy- Homi Jehangir Bhabha

Edition of IPL 2020- 13th edition.

PM Jan Dhan Scheme launched by Narendra Modi

COBOL refers to Common Business Oriented Language.

Manushi Chillar wins the Miss World award in China.

Captain of Men Hockey games held in October 2020- Manpreet Singh.

Rahul Gandhi was elected from Loksabha Seat- Wayanad (Kerala)

Most Populated City in 2018- Mumbai

The mixture of Liquid is known as the Solution

Leader Not joined Swadesi Movement– Gopal Krishna Gokhale.

Father of Modern Economics– Adam Smith.

Penicillin was Discovered by Louis Pasteur.

Strait located between India and Srilanka- Pak Strait

Headquarter of UNESCO– Paris.

World Turtle Day– 23 May.

Capital of Manipur- Imphal.

Author of book Lowland– Jhumpa Lahiri.

ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 Final Match played in Lord’s England

Rotten Eggs smell due to H2S

Stars Twinkle due to incident of- Reflection

Ribosomes made up of- Protein and RNA

5T program introduced during COVID-19 by Delhi

Largest River of India- Ganga

45th G7 Conference- In France

Lens used by Dentist- Convex Lens and Concave Mirror.

Ayushman Bharat Scheme started by Jharkhand

Valmiki National Park is in Bihar

Article removed from Indian Constitution- 370 Jammu Kashmir

Country free all the public transport- Luxemburg.

World Organ Donation Day- 13 August

Ambubachi Festival celebrated in Assam

First Femal President of Congress- Anni Besant

GSLV refers to – Geosynchronous Satellite launch vehicle

Bones in Human Body- 206

Winner of ATP Tournament tennis 2020- Daniil Medvedev.

Accounts opened for Beti Bachao Beti Padhao– Sukanya Samridhi kanya Shri, jan dhan yojna

Great squirrel animal of state- Maharashtra.

The scientific name of the Touch Me Not plant- is Mimosa Pudica.

Member of Opec– Algeria, Angola, Equatorial Guinea, Gabon, Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Libya, Nigeria, the Republic of the Congo, Saudi Arabia

1 Kb= 1024 bytes

Mughal Emperor during 1857 revolt- Bahadur Shah Zafar.

Pulwama Attack– 14 Febrauary 2019

Pranava Mukherjee awarded with- Arjuna Ratna

White Revolution first started in Gujrat

Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary is located in Karnataka

Part of the USA was part of Russia in Olden Times– California, Alaska

Amritsar Golden Temple was built by Arjun Dev (Sikh Guru)

Final Result of Namak Andolan- British did not make immediate major concessions on 40,000 andolankari

Role Play in Swadeshi Andolan by-

Book Small Things written by- Arundhati Roy

First woman President of India- Pratibha Patil

First Indian Lady in Space– Kalpana Chawla

Due to this incident, Gandhiji withdrew from the Non-Cooperation Movement– Chauri Chaura Incident.

Chief of Indian defense- President of India

Act passed for protection of tiger in 1973– Project Tiger.

Father of Computer- Charles Babbage

Movement Started with Non-cooperation Movement– Khilafat Movement

Name the white tiger that died recently- Bajiroa

Key to edit in Excel- F2

COBOL refers to Common business-oriented language

BHEL– refers to Bharat Heavy Electronics Limited

Name of 17th rail Zone– Western Railway

Vegetable Farming known as Olericulture

The largest generator of CO2- China

Satyendra Bose got Nobel Prize in Physics

Guru of Gandhi Ji- Gopal Krishna Gokhale

FANI Cyclone- occurred in Odisha

Litmus Paper Made from- Lichen

Highest Wind Energy producing state- Tamil Nadu

Second Cleanest City in Swacchta Survekshan- Surat.

ILO(International Labour Organization) headquarters- Geneva, Switzerland

Book Seva Sadan written by Prem Chand

Gas required for Photosynthesis in Plants- CO2

The 2020 press Freedom Prize goes to Shadidul Alam

Article in Indian Constitution for MINOR– Article 46

Youngest Brand Ambassador of UNICEF– Billy Brown

UNO was Established after- World War II on 24 October 1945

Indian Flag First Hoisted in Kolkata at the Parsee Bagan Square

Tamasha Folk Dance of- Maharashtra

Right to equity employment article- Article 16

The writer of Natya Shastra– Bharat Muni

who known as the father of Indian theatrical art forms- Bharata Muni

the largest lake of fresh water in the world- Lake Superiorrior

the largest producer of Thermal Energy in India- Maharashtra

FORTRAN refers to Formula Translation

Glucose is broken, then changes to – Pyruvic Acid

Indian School Satellite launched by NASA– Kalamata

scriptures related to Buddhism- Tripitaka

INS ship included in Indian Navy- INS Khanderi

the state received rank one in Good Governance- Tamilnadu

India’s rank on Human Development Index in 2019- is 129

IAAF 2019 gold medal” winner- Sifan HASSAN

Genetics conference” held in– Portugal

Father of Space” in India- Vikram A. Sarabhai

Panchayati Raj Diwas” is celebrated on- 24th April

PM AWAS Yojana” previously known as “INDIRA AWAS Yojana”

Respiratory system problems occur due to pollution- Air Pollution


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