5 Days SSB Interview Process | SSB Rounds

5 Days SSB Interview Process | SSB Rounds

In this article, we will make you aware of 5 Days SSB interview process, and also the SSB Interview Rounds during the interview.

Exams To Qualify For SSB Interview

National Defence Academy(NDA Exam – On 18 April 2021  & NDA 2 2021 Exam on September 5, 2021. )

Naval Academy Examination (NA Exam is conducted through CDS Exam or at 10+2 level entry or B.tech)

Combined Defence Services Examination (CDS Exam – On 07-Feb-2021 & CDS 2 2021 Exam on 14 Nov 2021)

Air Force Common Admission Test (AFCAT Exam – On February 20 and 21, 2021 & AFCAT 2 2021 Exam on September/October 2021)

Official Website of Indian Army: Click Here

Official Website of Indian Army: Click Here

Official Website of Indian Army: Click Here

After Qualifying, one of the above exam candidates is eligible for an SSB interview. After clearing the exam SSB board will give you a date for the SSB interview which you have to choose by yourself. Allahabad, Bhopal, Bangalore, Dehradun, Mysore, Gandhi Nagar, Varanasi, Coimbatore, are some SSB Interview centers.

You have to reach the reporting place mention in your admit card for the SSB interview. Reach their one day before the interview because the reporting time is mostly in the sharp morning. You can stay with your relatives, or in any hotel, if the SSB center is out of your town or much far than your home. Reporting place is at the nearest reporting railway station or at the main gate of the SSB center, from there they will pick you inside the center with their vehicles- Bus and luggage in your army trucks.

After then you will order to make a queue and they will give you the chest no which you have to attach to your chest and after that, you will submit your documents(photo state only) and originals for verifications, after verification, you have to fill PIQ(Personal Information Questionnaire) forms, in which you have to fill your personal details regarding education, family background, etc. and after that, they will give you some refreshment, breakfast. and after breakfast, they will take you to the hall and instruct all the process of SSB interview by the board of directors who is of brigadier rank.

And after this, the interview process starts.

SSB Interview selection process has two stages- Stage I- Officer Intelligence Rating(OIR) test and Picture Perception & Description Test (PP & DT). and Stage II is of four days. Consists of Psychology Test, Group Testing Officer Task(GTO), Interview & Conference.

Stage I / Day-1/Reporting Day

  1. Officer Intelligent Test(OIR Test)

This test is to only check your verbal and non-verbal understanding. There is no disqualification in it. Which consists of 50 verbal questions, and 50 non-verbal questions each of 30 minutes.

SSB members will distribute you question papers and one answer sheet which you have to fill with correct answers

  1. Picture Perception and Discussion Test (PP & DT)

This is the rejection and selection test. In this test, the group of 15 candidates will show a picture that can be something blurry or like a sketch, and candidates have to write a story on it. The picture will be shown only for 30 seconds and the candidate have to write on it, what is happening in this picture, with your views in only 3 minutes.

And after writing a picture story you will have a discussion in another room where 4-5 officers will listen to your story and judge your psychology. You have to narrate the story in front of them, whatever you have written without looking at the paper you have written. After that, they will announce who is in and who is out. Better for next time.

15 OLQ To became an Officer

Stage II / Day-2/Psychology Test

This is a day 2 written test, in which the candidate’s psychology is tested for suitability to be an officer, which is organized by a Psychologist.

Thematic Apperception Test(TAT): It is also a Picture storing writing test, which is similar to PPDT. But in these 11 pictures will be shown and each for 30 seconds and you are not allowed to write anything during this. After that showing picture candidate has 4 minutes to write on it and after writing another picture is shown for 30 minutes and again you have to write on it in 4 minutes, this goes continues till the last picture. There will be one more picture which will be blank and candidates are free to write any story of their own choice, not similar 11 stories you write, a little bit of similarity is allowed.

Word Association Test (WAT): This is the second Psychological test on the same day, in which 60 words in English will be shown back to back for a period of 15 seconds for each word and then the next word for 15 seconds, and this continues till last 60 words.

Situation Reaction Test (SRT): This test includes 60 situations in which you have to write your views. The board member will give you a booklet of 60 situations written on it and a space below it you have to write on it. The time period is 30 minutes for all 60 situations.

Self Description Test (SD): In this test, candidates have to write their views that what they think about their parents, friends, teachers, themselves, and others. The time period for it will be 15 minutes.

Day-3/Group Task-1

  1. Group Discussion(GD): In this round, a topic from current affairs mostly, is given to a candidate and he has to give his views on it, and then after 1 topic second topic is also given which he has to choose from himself and give some views on it.
  2. Group Planning Exercise(Military Planning Exercise): In this group of candidates has given a model or a picture and he has to reach from one point to another by giving his views separately.
  3. Progressive Group Task(PGT): This is the outdoor task in which the group has to reach the other point without touching the ground with the help of helping materials.
  4. Snake race/ Group Obstacle Race: In this, all group members will have a competition with other group members, candidates will cross a certain obstacle with a snake-like rope.
  5. Half Group Task: This is similar to PGT but the group is divide into 2 halves so, there are many chances to show each candidate’s potential.
  6. Lecturette: In this round, each individual candidate has to give a lecture for 3 minutes on a topic selected by them. There is a placard and for each placard, there are 4-5 topics and you have to choose one topic to speak on it.

Day-4/Group Task-2

  1. Individual Obstacles: There will be 10 obstacles and each obstacle has given marks out of 10, in which individual candidates have to score maximum marks in a limited time.
  2. Command Task: In this one candidate will be made a commander and he will choose the subordinates to help him to cross the obstacles.
  3. Final Group Task(FGT): It is also similar to PGT but there is some difficult level obstacle in it.


This is the main interview of your whole SSB interview process in which candidates are asked some general questions regarding the field you choose or anything about you, they just check and decide whether you recommend as an officer or not.

There are President, Deputy President, all the GTOs, and psychologist officer’s in the complete board of examiners interview.

And within an hour, The SSB result is announced and the selected candidates undergo a medical test for a further 3 to 5 days, and after a qualifying medical test, a final merit list is announced.

In Medical all body parts, are checked, doctors are generally checking that if you do not have any type of disease or any skin disease. So, not only the mind is tested in SSB but, also the body, as it is a job of both mind and body and candidates with full coordination of body-mind are selected.

Medical tests are taken in military hospitals which are selected by the SSB board itself.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q1- How to start SSB Preparation?

Ans- Most candidates are failed because of a lack of knowledge about the SSB Interview process. They have the capability but failed due to unawareness of the process, so read this article from top to bottom and take some books and watch videos of the selection process.

Q2- What is the qualification for SSB?

Ans- A simple graduation candidate with an Exam of (CDS, NDA, AFCAT) passed.

Q3- Is their requirement of Coaching for SSB?

Ans- It’s totally dependent on the candidate’s potential that is confident to clear interview without coaching or with coaching. Knowledge is most preferable because without knowledge also, a coached person cannot qualify.


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