15 OLQ | Officer Like Qualities | SSB Aspirants

15 OLQ | Officer Like Qualities | SSB Aspirants

In this article we will teach you 15 OLQ to became an officer, in any field, there is a requirement of olq’s


As the OLQ is not a piece of cake, there are two candidates the first one learns from others and adopts the OLQ and the second one is who are natural, only there is a requirement of polish to them.

In every Interview whereas, it is IAS, PCS, or and gazetted officer’s job there is a need for OLQ, but in Military Forces and other forces, there are something special requirements, because the life of soldiers totally depends on one decision of an officer’s. So, SSB looks for a candidate who can inspire soldiers when situations are against him, remaining calm under pressure, and take the right decision at a right time.

And For this SSB gauged a candidate by three testing mechanisms- Psychology, Interview, and Group Testing. In these three testings, the whole life of a candidate is tested.

To become an officer 15 Officer Like Qualities are needed and today we are talking about this, so let’s start:

What are the 15 Officer Like Qualities?

15 OLQ are divided into 4 factors:

Factor 1: Planning and Organizing

  • Effective Intelligence
  • Reasoning Ability
  • Organizing Ability
  • Power of Expression

Factor 2: Socially Adjustment

  • Social Adaptability
  • Co-operation
  • Sense of Responsibility

Factor 3: Social Effectiveness

  • Initiative
  • Self-confidence
  • Speed of Decision
  • The ability to Influence the Group
  • Liveliness

Factor 4: Dynamic

  • Determination
  • Courage
  • Stamina

Now We will discuss in detail:

  1. Effective Intelligence: Effective Intelligence is the ability of a person how he tackles a practical problem, or how he reacts to practical problems and finds out the best solution. Effective intelligence is of two types.
  2. a) Practical intelligence: Find out the independent solution of a practical situation
  3. b) Resourcefulness: Use the available resources and finding solutions when there is no hope.

Students with effective intelligence are mentally sharp and innovative.

  1. Reasoning Ability: The reasoning ability of a person shows logical and rational thinking under extreme situations.

Students with higher reasoning abilities are analytical and imaginative.

  1. Organizing ability: The organizing ability of a person shows how he arranges the resources and schedules them in his daily life, this shows his clarity of thought. It shows how he makes the best use of resources in his life.

Student’s with organizing ability is a good planner who deals with complex issues without overlooking details and is quick incomprehension.

4.Power of Expression: Power of expression shows how a person expresses his thoughts clearly and how he put his ideas in front of others.

Student’s with the power of expressions are effective in their expression.

  1. Social adaptability: Social adaptability is the important OLQ of a person in which it shows how he adjusts well with the surroundings, with his seniours, junior, teacher, colleagues, etc.

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The social adaptability of a person defines social intelligence, attitude towards others, tact.

  1. a) Social Intelligence- The ability to understand people and adjust well to new surroundings.
    b) Attitude towards others- The ability to put oneself into another person’s position to know the exact situation.
    c) Tack- Ability or skill dealing with people in adverse situations or worst situations.
  2. Cooperation: Cooperation is the most important aspect of defense services. The teamwork ability of a person helps in achieving the group goal because the collective effort is more productive than the individual effort.

Students with such qualities are warm-hearted, and a group of minded people.

  1. Sense of Responsibility: The ability of a person to take up the duties and duties faithfully. This quality promotes the development of self-control. And no obligation on his duties.

Student’s with a sense of responsibility are faithful and respectful to authority.

  1. Initiative: An initiative of a person shows the ability to take the first step in an unfamiliar situation, which motivates others. An initiative of a person till the goal is achieved brings belief to his subordinates.

Student’s having the quality of Initiative never get stuck.

  1. Self-confidence: It’s a faith in one-self, that he can do it. Having Self-confidence removes stressful situations.

Students with Self-confidence are active and are constructive in difficulties.

  1. Speed of decision: The ability of a person to take a decision in the worst situation, shows the quickness of decision in any condition.

Students with having speed in decision never hesitate in their decision.

  1. Ability to influence the group: This ability shows the leadership quality and motivates his soldiers and faces enemies in whatever conditions they are. This is an ability to inspire others and convince them, they can achieve it.

Students with leadership qualities are persuasive and have the capability to overcome opposition.

12 Liveliness: The ability of a person to remain happy in the worst conditions and facing a stressful situation. He must always inspire others with his cheerful liveliness.

  1. Determination: Ability to succeed in objectives in spite of obstacles and setbacks. It’s the capability of a person to achieve a goal when he is under pressure. An energetic action towards the achievement of a common goal.
  2. Courage: The ability of a person to take a risk when the situation is not in his favor. It shows the spirit of adventure and the capacity to keep oneself composed in adverse situations.

Student’s with courageous qualities are daring and aggressive

  1. Stamina: As well as a person having mental and physical stamina to achieve desired goals.

Students with stamina are strong in mental capabilities, and handle any mental stress, and are very tough individuals.

So, these were the qualities of a candidate who is to be selected by SSB interviews.


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